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Conceptualize – With organizations under immense pressure to understand the customer and market trends, they need someone to help them ideate and come up with come unique concepts that can differentiate them from their competition. Conceptualizations of an idea or … Continue reading

Road map for Success

  What CogniSoft Is: A firm that keeps long term eagles view to their clients business requirements. Provides end to end consulting and enterprise architectural requirements. Has been practising Lean Six Sigma practices for all project deployments. An unique consulting … Continue reading

Transition Impacts

  If you have found yourself in a situation where the process seems to change, accountabilities are uncertain and deadlines are missing, then perhaps you have a people, process and technology problem. Getting all 3 aligned is absolutely essential to … Continue reading


  We suggest not to ‘sell’ change to people as a way of accelerating ‘agreement’ and implementation. ‘Selling’ change to people is not a sustainable strategy for success, unless your aim is to collapse at some time in the future … Continue reading