Change Management post M&A exercise – US MNC

Change Management post M&A exercise – US MNC (Insurance)


The firm was present in 16 countries and with an intent to become the world’s no.1 Insurance provider they decided to make a move and acquire one of the biggest competitions. In the event there was a huge exercise of two company cultures and their existing businesses to marry and all the more imperative that the business and brand does not get a hit. Hence to make it a success it needed a very strong migration & transition roadmap for it’s business services and processes and to enable that “change management” was to be exercised.

The advantages were many:

a) Improving the company’s portfolio
b) Increased reach to more than 64 countries
c) Improved customer portfolio and offerings
d) Re aligned business strategies to improve customer contact
e) Superior service delivery and better enterprise operating model

Solution Identified:

With our recommendations the firm created a new operating model and a detailed change management plan with proven migration plan.


The practice has been now established as the benchmark for the organization and the migration plan is the standard mode of any migration, transition that take place for any business service within or outside the organization. The change management plan was well accepted and executed to complete the merger in a seamless fashion with both the organizations culture, business services, technology and people in harmony.

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