Conceptualize – With organizations under immense pressure to understand the customer and market trends, they need someone to help them ideate and come up with come unique concepts that can differentiate them from their competition. Conceptualizations of an idea or solution at the very start is as important and critical as it can be to see the end results. Hence we at CogniSoft understand the fact to ensure that any concept is  a well understood “Design of Experiment” and we help your organization in the feasibility study of the same.

Design – Once the idea has been well conceptualized, it comes to the design team, which can be a mix team of Business Analysts, SME’s, Architects, Change Managers etc. who now put together the design to enable the scalable and service delivery impact to be the best of its class. Design elements have to be well thought in terms of business, people, process, technology and any other risk elements that the solution is intended for. We at CogniSoft have a team of experts who can help you design a LEAN system and solution keeping in mind the “BIG picture”.

Implement – Until the design phase every project and solution is “rosy”. It is when the implementation comes is what tests the waters. Project Management and Lean Six Sigma approach to any such implementation has been our key forte. We understand the timelines, and the aggressiveness to complete a project under budget and time is something that organizations struggle with. At CogniSoft we do not stick to mere plans on paper however create a model of engagement as robust that the teams are well in syn and communication is of the biggest importance.

Transform – Once the project has been implemented. We know that no solution is forever, as we ourselves don’t like eating the same breakfast everyday. Hence transformation is the only way around. And here comes in play the key factor of Continuous Improvement and Change Management. CogniSoft aims to help their clients in creating a well documented and explained business transformation roadmap with elements of CI in place. So that the organization keeps evolving as much as possible from their internal people, process, and technology initiatives.