Road map for Success


What CogniSoft Is:

  • A firm that keeps long term eagles view to their clients business requirements.
  • Provides end to end consulting and enterprise architectural requirements.
  • Has been practising Lean Six Sigma practices for all project deployments.
  • An unique consulting firm with proven CDIT approach and Enterprise Operating Model practices to deliver sustained business transformation.

What are the confusions that managers in firm’s have:

  • Assuming the average business user has the know-how or the time to use BI.
  • Assuming a data warehouse will solve all information access and delivery requirements
  • Assuming that Business Intelligence solutions itself are “Intelligent” to understand and comprehend your business needs.

GAP that exists:

  • Understanding the real business needs though a proper business analysis of the service or product in question and how and what is the requirement of such a solution is absent.
  • Going by populist choice to select a BI tool without a specific business need, and/or allowing Excel to become the default BI “platform”

Possibilities and path to take:

  • Today organizations can instead provide front-end tools to those that actually need to use them, whilst back-end analytics are taken care of by the service provider.
  • For an organization using BI as a service, it can be as simple as knowing what questions to ask; and so business analysts are playing a more prominent role in extracting value out of BI.