Digital & Online Media Strategy Consulting

With changing consumer patterns and the data helping them take decisions, the channel and mode of influences have also changed a lot. Online Media and strategies have now become a huge playground where every firm needs its unique positioning. Today online media is the most exploited section in the marketing strategy and organizations are spending millions towards keeping their dedicated channels and feeds to the customers, giving them updates on news and products etc.

Social Media channels, SEO, and feeds, not to forget the direct email marketing etc are just some of the ways organizations today are trying to create a perception of their brand and product and expect to increase the loyalty of consumers to their services and products. With time to invest and come up with a decent enough online media strategy is no longer an option. Companies need someone who understands what SEO can do, how a page on social media sites can simply outshine and bring traffic and customers to their service and products.



With flogging providers of the same service and product what makes your firm stand out? We at CogniSoft have always asked a question to the clients; what is a business intelligence solution if the intelligence does not give you tangible benefits? And for a solution to be effective there is a simple meter, are your operations cost decreasing and sales and revenue increasing. We bring a world class and experienced team with large scale projects implemented with quantified revenue increase for the brand and product.