Oracle Exadata

Oracle’s industry-leading engineered systems—Exadata, Exalogic, and Exalytics—interlace servers, storage, and networking equipment in integrated boxes differentiated by an architecture-level approach that exploits commodity hardware along with some proprietary Oracle software to deliver unmatched speed, power, and cost-performance.

With the newest addition to its engineered-systems family, the Exadata X3 Database Machine, Oracle is giving customers more justification to realize they need to move beyond the traditional and non-optimized systems of the past. They were great in their time, and for non-critical applications will continue to do competent work for some time to come.

But in early-stage deployments at large companies in various industries across the globe, the Exadata X3 has demonstrated conclusively that it’s able to deliver levels of performance vastly superior to those of traditional systems, and at price points much lower than CIOs have been paying for years for their current, aging systems.

As a result of Oracle’s 4-year ramp-up of the Exadata line culminating in the new X3, other makers of high-end enterprise systems are coming up against a very disquieting set of choices: they must try to prove that the Oracle engineered-system strategy is limited in scope or is economically unfeasible and convince customers to continue with the model of the past, or they have to concede the viability of the Oracle strategy. We at CogniSoft can leverage and bring the advantage of Oracle’s Exadata and it’s other products at your disposal post need assessment.