Loan Servicing and Originations

For any Banking and financial institution or Non Banking Financial firm loans are instruments which not only increases their revenue and assets, but also creates a direct connection with their end consumers.

To be able to cater to their consumers the company needs to have a system in place that suggests the best offering based across all customer portfolios with the bank and any other data available across different services. In order to be able to suggest the consumers a loan amount, time, and eligibility etc, security and risk governance of the customers data is of imperative importance.

It becomes all the more critical when you know that the data for the consumers are in scattered and legacy systems that are at different locations and continents. Here it becomes very important to understand the data privacy and data management fundamentals. Data categorization and its treatment based on different demographics are important. Some associated product and services with respect to the loan servicing include:

  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Customized Collection Services
  • Insurance Compliance Tracking
  • Master, Primary and Backup Servicing
  • Debt Cancellation/Protection Programs

The advantages to the client are:

  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Convert Fixed Costs to Variable Costs
  • Expand Without Capital Investment
  • Reduce Business Risk
  • Gain Access to New Competencies
  • Enhance Revenue Growth
  • Speed Time to Market
  • Improve Customer Service Levels
  • Lead Clients Through Market Change

With respect to the improvement of the system for any loan servicing and origination we bring years of experience to help our clients by creating custom solutions or choosing the right solution when time is a constraint.