Cognos explains itself as the major provider of business intellect (EBI) alternatives, with over 2.5 thousand chairs in a large number of organizations globally.

Its EBI remedy provides business information to all team in the company and gives them ways to analyze it. This allows organizations to co-ordinate decision-making across the entire business.

 Cognos is a more robust tool (Based on experience with the initial use of Cognos 7).
 Cognos can consolidate data from multiple data sources (not just SAP BW).
 Cognos reduces and eliminates the need for ReportSpace.
 Cognos can be used with departmental data sources.
 Cognos is more user-friendly.

Common Tool Benefits:
• Streamlined support
• More cost effective to have one infrastructure
• Effective use of training resources
• Sharing of user knowledge and tips across areas

It is common practice to use a third-party BI tool against SAP. In our search for excellence we would be more than happy to assist your organization and employees to explore the benefits of the Cognos brought to you by IBM, and facilitated by CogniSoft Technologies.