Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports 8 Training

Crystal Reports 8, a popular database reporting program. In this trainig, you will learn how to create standard and custom reports. You will also learn how to filter, summarize, sort, group, and manipulate data by inserting formulas and functions.

This Crystal Reports 8 training series provides 28 hours of self-paced courseware. We provide following lessons:

1 . Getting Started
2 . Designing a Report
3 . Selecting Records
4 . Sorting and Grouping Data
5 . Creating Summary Totals, Reports, and Graphs
6 . Formulas and Functions
7 . Printing and Exporting Reports
8 . Linking Tables

Lesson Detail:

Getting Started
This course shows users how to create and save a standard report in Crystal Reports 8.

• Creating a Standard Report
• Preview and Design Modes
• Working with Fields
• Saving and Closing Reports

Designing a Report
This course shows users how to create a custom report in Crystal Reports 8 and customize it by inserting special fields and changing object properties.

• Inserting Fields
• Inserting and Using Special Fields
• Using Guidelines
• Changing Text Object Properties
• Changing Date Object Properties

Selecting Records
This course shows the user how to filter data in Crystal Reports 8 using compound filters, date searches and wildcards.

• Setting Up a Selection Formula
• Using Compound Filters
• Selecting Dates
• Using the OR Connector and Wildcards

Sorting and Grouping Data
This course shows users how to sort and group data in Crystal Reports 8.

• Sorting Data
• Grouping Data
• Modifying a Group
• Managing Groups

Creating Summary Totals, Reports, and Graphs
This course shows users how to summarize data using totals, reports, and graphs in Crystal Reports 8.

• Creating Grand Totals
• Creating Summary Totals
• Creating Summary Reports
• Producing Summary Graphs
• Editing and Formatting Summary Graphs

Formulas and Functions
This course shows users how to insert and use formulas and functions in Crystal Reports 8.

• Inserting Formula Fields
• Using Conditional Formatting and Selection Formulas
• Using Functions
• Using IF Statements
• Nested and Conditional IF Statements

Printing and Exporting Reports
This course shows users how to print reports from Crystal Reports 8 and how to export report data to Microsoft Excel and Word formats.

• Printing a Report
• Exporting to Word
• Exporting to Excel
• Creating a Report from a Spreadsheet

Linking Tables
This course shows users how to use Crystal Reports 8 to link data tables together and create mailing labels.

• Using Tables
• Accessing Data Directly
• Using the Visual Linking Expert
• Creating Mailing Labels