MicroStrategy, Inc., is a business intelligence (BI) software vendor. MicroStrategy’s software enables organizations to analyze large amounts of data to make business decisions. The software provides information to business users via the web and mobile devices, including Apple, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. The software includes technologies marketed to capitalize on trends such as big data, mobile, cloud, and social media.

The company’s entry into the mobile BI market was in 2010 with MicroStrategy Mobile and MicroStrategy Mobile Suite.
The latest release of the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform updates Visual Insight, its data visualization module, adds a new Hadoop connector, increases support for the R statistical programming language, and automates many System Manager activities.
MicroStrategy Cloud, a cloud-based platform as a service, was released in public beta in September 2011. This is a SaaS-based BI service enabling a user to data upload to the MicroStrategy Cloud, analyze it via visualizations and share insights as a mobile app or web browser dashboard.

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